What is the Painpod?

A Forbes top 10 health care gadget, the PainPod is used around the world to aid circulation, improve movement, flush out toxins, increase blood flow and speed up endorphin production. These are natural processes in our bodies which are slowed down due to injury or ageing

Unboxing The PainPod – What to expect

The premium packaging holds:

  • The small, lightweight PainPod
  • A variety of different sized adhesive pads so you can direct precision-targeted treatment anywhere on your body (you can set the intensity of each pad individually)
  • Two electrode leads
  • One charging cable
  • One charging plug
  • The user manual containing how to use the PainPod as well as different placements and settings for a range of ailments

When fully charged, the PainPod will provide you with 40 hours of treatment. If a quick treatment is required, a 10-minute charge will provide enough power for a 30-minute treatment. Full instructions are provided with the PainPod.

The PainPod Accessories – What to expect


The PainPod Foot Pads

When used with our multi-mode devices, the PainPod Foot Pads are designed to provide deep soothing sensations, relieving you from sore, aching and tired feet. Use your Foot Pads in the morning to activate your muscles and in turn boost circulation before you get moving, or after a long day or workout to help your muscles recover. Due to the Foot Pad’s effectiveness of increasing blood flow, they are being widely utilised in the diabetic community with highly positive results.  The Painpod Foot Pads can also be used by sitting or lying on them for treating other parts of the body.

The PainPod Bio Belt

The PainPod Bio Belt is ideal for treating large muscle groups and areas of pain. We recommend the Bio Belt as the perfect accessory when using the PainPod to treat musculoskeletal problems, particularly concerning the lower back, hips, shoulder and knees. The Bio Belt can also be used on your knees, thighs, arms and to help condition your stomach and legs.

The PainPod Bio Gloves

The PainPod Bio Gloves are woven with gentle conductive fibres aimed to provide stimulation from the PainPod to the entire hand and wrist. The lightweight and comfortable PainPod Bio Gloves are made from stretchable materials to fit hands of all shapes and sizes. They have a large conductivity area; providing excellent treatment distribution. The Painpod Bio Gloves are effective at treating carpool tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injury, circulation problems and much more.

The PainPod Bio Socks

The PainPod Bio Socks work by connecting to the PainPod via electrode wires to stimulate the foot and lower limb. PainPod proprietary BioElectrical treatment formulations are applied through the Bio Sock to increase circulation, reduce the occurrence of cramps and relieve pain. The Bio Socks are ideal for treating poor circulation, ankle pain, arthritis,  heel pain, foot pain, fluid retention and cramps and strain. The Bio Socks are also popular in the diabetic community to aid circulation and relieving aching.

To watch the PainPod Unboxing Video click here

Whether it is to relieve pain, speed your recovery or optimise your performance the PainPod 3 is available to purchase by clicking on this link.

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