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PainPod: pain to brain blockerPainPod: pain to brain blocker

  • You feel pain when receptors in the affected area conduct pain signals to your brain via your central nervous system. It’s then that you might reach for a packet of painkillers.
  • By applying PainPod’s BioPads to the affected area instead, you deliver gentle targeted electrical nerve stimulation pulses through your skin to your nerve endings.
  • Because PainPod is applied externally, it only ever works on the peripheral nervous system.
  • So unlike painkillers, which enter your body (with all the contingent side effects) to work on your brain’s perception of pain, PainPod ‘closes your pain gate’ at the pain site blocking pain signals from travelling to your brain.
  • In the meantime – again unlike painkillers – PainPod sets to work in tune with your body to promote healing.
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PainPod: healing hormone promoter

  • All PainPod devices do more than block pain.
  • They work with your body to stimulate the natural healing process.
  • The PainPod 3 sends gentle advanced waveform bio-pulses through your tissues and muscle groups to stimulate blood-flow and improve circulation.
  • This causes your muscle cells to increase their production of myokines.
  • Myokines are hormones that play a significant role in tissue regeneration and repair, as well as maintaining healthy bodily function.

PainPod: feel-good endorphinenhancer

  • PainPod 3’s bio-pulses fast-flush accumulated waste products out of your system, reducing tiredness and preventing soreness.
  • They also maximise blood flow to the areas you target, helping deliver vital nutrients and stimulating the release of natural endorphins – your body’s feel-good chemicals.
  • These endorphins also reduce your perception of pain, so you experience a natural mood-boost and enjoy pain relief, all without the need for drugs.

PainPod 3 device

The science behind PainPod 3

  • The world’s best-selling physical therapy device delivers the latest advances in physiotherapy, acupuncture and medical science, via adhesive pads you can precision-target anywhere on your skin.
  • The 12 medically-evidenced treatment modes range from a gentle massage, to acupuncture, and from cupping, kneading and tapping therapy, to the soothing unwind mode.
  • Users can select from up to 20 intensity levels – medical professionals recommend a strong yet comfortable level where you feel some muscular vibration and involuntary muscle movements.
  • The waveforms produced by PainPod 3’s proprietary biotechnology disrupt the neural transmission of signals from the pain receptors under the skin. So they block pain messages before they can reach the brain.
  • The waveforms also cause the muscle cells to increase their production of myokines – hormones that play a major role in tissue regeneration and repair.
PainPod Mi device

The science behind PainPod Mi

  • Every tissue type in the body has its own electrical frequency, a naturally occurring microcurrent that can be disrupted by injury or disease.
  • The microcurrent therapy engineered in the PainPod MiCycle mimics and restores the human body’s naturally occurring microcurrent and is proven to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and effect healing.
  • At one-millionth of an ampere, the current restores normal frequencies at a cellular level, and stimulates the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP).
  • This is the molecular unit of currency that fuels the body’s biochemical functions by boosting protein synthesis, essential for any tissue repair.

Electroceuticals – big business investment in a drug-free future

GlaxoSmithKline invests £540 million in electroceuticals

In 2017, Britain’s biggest pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) confirmed its commitment to invest £540 million in the PainPod arena of electroceuticals – also known as bioelectronics.

GSK’s plan?

To develop a device that, just like PainPod, alters the electrical impulses in the body.

The difference?

This device will be implantable within the human body via keyhole surgery. Kris Famm, who heads up the venture, predicts a ‘brave new future’ with bioelectronics becoming a mainstay of medical treatment over the next two decades. Kris says this will benefit up to 2 billion people – a quarter of the global population – who are suffering from chronic diseases including arthritis and diabetes*.

PainPod is watching this development with excitement. In the meantime, PainPod 3 spearheads the electroceutical non-invasive market as the world’s most advanced physical therapy device.

* August 2017


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