This Morning’s Phillip Schofield raises his eyebrow trying out the PainPod 3

This Morning British national treasures Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby showcased the PainPod 3 with the help of Dr Ranj on Wednesday, the 28th March 2019.

Due to the increasing demand of pro-active consumers wanting home health gadgets, Results in Wellness launched the world’s best-selling physical therapy device to address the need for alternative self-care products and treatments.

The PainPod 3 was featured in ‘The Best in Home Health Gadgets’ alongside other ingenious health gadgets. Including the latest Apple Apps.

If you missed it you can catch up with this episode via ITV Replay at

What is the PainPod 3?

The PainPod 3 is an innovative drug-free pain relief gadget. However, it’s not just your average TENS/EMS machine. This gadget has been designed to tackle a multitude of aches and pains. It’s perfect for treating chronic and acute pains. The device is also useful for pain relief after an injury, sprains, strains, cramps, even broken bones and fractures.

If you are suffering from musculoskeletal pain, joint, muscle or hip pain, arthritis, chronic nerve, sciatica, neck, back and shoulder pain and you are concerned about the risks of taking pain killers too often, the PainPod 3 could be the perfect alternative for you.

Worldwide this device has effectively treated short term lower back, neck, shoulder, nerve and muscle pain and proven to be very effective during migraines and labor.

Many athletes have successfully used the PainPod 3 to help them recover quicker after an intense training session and to prevent muscle fatigue. The gadget also helps athletes during the warm-up routine as the bio pulses will improve the range of motion and reduce injury risk while flushing away accumulated waste products from the last exercise session.

The portable yet sleek looking design allows you to wear the PainPod 3 discreetly in public.  As demonstrated by Dr Ranj the device is easy to use and comes with 12 different treatment settings including a special booster button for immediate localised pain relief.

The science behind the PainPod 3

Dr Ranj briefly mentioned there is ‘some’ science behind the PainPod 3. Results in Wellness like to delve a little bit deeper into the science behind this clever gadget with you.

As mentioned in the introduction the PainPod 3 is not your average TENS machine Yes, this gadget is classed as a TENS machine. But there’s more to it than that. For those unsure TENS means Transcutaneous or in simple terms “through the skin’. Basically, it is a term describing any device that uses electric current to stimulates the nerves. PainPod 3 uses TENS as a method of delivery, however, the bioelectric formulations of the waveforms and pulses that the PainPod 3 delivers are exclusive to the Result in Wellness devices.

The PainPod 3 works by delivering gentle electric bio impulses into the sore muscles and joints. The electric pulses will block the pain messages before they can reach the brain. The device also stimulates the release of natural endorphins. These endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to morphine. The pain that can make you feel low is treated and the release of feel-good chemicals will make you feel good.

But there is even more to the PainPod 3. It will also stimulate blood-flow, circulation and support your body’s natural healing process. By using the device the natural production of Myokine hormones will increase. These hormones support tissue regeneration and repair whilst maintaining healthy bodily function.

ITV This Morning’s review on the PainPod 3

Dr Ranj, who recently starred in BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, showed the ITV viewers how easy it really is to attach the PainPod 3 applications.

He placed two applications on Phillip’s underarm and then switched the device on a low setting. Phillip started to describe the gentle pulsating sensation as making his arm tingle right to his thumb. Followed by raising his eyebrow and looking directly into the camera he cheekily stated: ‘It’s not unpleasant actually’, whilst Holly looked at him in pure amusement.

Despite the rush of limited air time, Holly asked Dr Ranj if the PainPod 3 isn’t just a distraction from the pain. Dr Ranj promptly replied: ‘No, there is science behind this device and useful if you can’t take pain medication.’

How to purchase your PainPod 3?

If like many of our satisfied clients worldwide, you too like to take a pro-active approach to maintain your health and wellbeing, Results in Wellness is the home to turn to.

Whether it is to relieve pain, speed your recovery or optimise your performance the PainPod 3 is available to purchase by clicking on this link.

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Alternatively, feel welcome to give us a call on 01732 -447321 or send us an email at and a member of our team will be happy, answering your questions.


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