Enhance Performance

How PainPod can help power your exercise routine

Athletes, sportspeople, gym bunnies and lots of us who like to keep fit and active, are turning to PainPod to speed up our training results, increase our strength and help us reach optimal condition. So how can wearing PainPod’s BioPads while you train or exercise heighten your performance? And once you’ve reached peak levels how can PainPod help you sustain that performance for longer?


stronger muscle contraction than regular resistance training

PainPod helps accelerate muscle growth by sending your choice of electrical biopulse treatment formulations directly to your muscle groups. These powerful pulses penetrate deep into your muscles, and activate more muscle fibres than exercise alone. So as you train or play, PainPod can trigger muscle contraction that’s up to 40% stronger than the voluntary contractions your body would experience during exercise without wearing our physical therapy device.

Warm up

Apply PainPod’s BioPads while you warm up to target specific muscle groups:

  • So you improve your range of motion and reduce the risk of injury.
  • The biopulses also minimise fatigue and delayed onset soreness, by flushing away any accumulated waste products from your last exercise.

Strength and conditioning

By using PainPod during training or exercise you’ll:

  • Get the most from each and every rep during resistance training. PainPod’s biopulses work by recruiting more muscle fibres and generating more torque than regular resistance training, creating the deep muscle contractions you’re looking for.
  • At the same time the micro-currents relieve the distraction of pain, stiffness and soreness. So you’re freed up to concentrate on form and technique, improving your results and reducing the likelihood of injury.
  • Recover faster between reps, exercises or training drills, because the increased blood flow reduces lactic acid build up.
  • Find you can train longer and harder while avoiding muscle fatigue and injury.


Leave PainPod’s BioPads to carry on working as you relax after exercise and they will:

  • Maximise blood flow to the areas you target, helping deliver vital nutrients to kick-start your recovery process.
  • Fast-flush accumulated waste products, reducing tiredness and preventing soreness.
  • Relieve any pain, strain or injuries related to your recent activity, helping your body’s natural recovery processes.
  • Generate muscle contraction to promote the production and release of Myokines. These powerful hormones trigger tissue regeneration and repair.

You can also apply BioPads directly to knots and trigger points to enjoy a deep post-workout massage after every session, relieving muscle tension and stress.