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PainPod – the professionals’ choice for recovery and rehabilitation

Why is it that doctors, surgeons, physiotherapists, chiropractors and sports trainers advise PainPod to speed and enhance recovery?

They recommend PainPod partly because it’s 100% drug-free and harnesses the body’s natural healing mechanisms. And it’s equally true they favour PainPod because it puts you in charge of your own recovery. (So you can work with your body to apply the therapy that’s right for you at each stage of the process.) But the overriding reason professionals are so strongly behind PainPod is its proven record of success – enhancing and harnessing over 50 years of medical and sports research.

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What kinds of recovery is PainPod recommended for?

Recovery from injury, surgery, pregnancy and other trauma.

If you’ve had surgery, experienced an injury or have recently had a baby, PainPod can help you heal. You simply place the BioPads around the affected area, and as the gentle bio-pulses pass through your tissues.

  • your blood flow increases
  • the inflammation reduces
  • vital nutrients reach the area more easily, speeding up the healing process.

But it doesn’t stop there. During recovery you can be at risk of muscle atrophy (muscle wasting), if you’re not using the affected muscles for an extended period. By using PainPod’s strength and conditioning features you can get back to full fitness and mobility, fast.

Recovery from physical exertion: training, weights, physical competition and fitness activities.

As you train, play or engage in physical activity your muscles become weaker and break down. (The strength and conditioning benefits come later, during recovery.) But if your body doesn’t have the time or resources to recover afterwards, you can suffer muscle fatigue that can seriously limit your physical capabilities. By using PainPod to strengthen and condition your muscles, you optimise fitness, strength and full repair, so you’re ready to perform at your best.

How does PainPod help with the recovery process?

PainPod’s unique waveform pulses mimic the body's natural contractions. So signals reach deep into your muscle fibres without fatiguing or stressing the muscle. This helps your body to deliver more nutrients and remove excess waste and toxins from each area that you target.

Myokines are released as your muscles contract

PainPod causes the muscle cells to increase their production of myokines. These relatively recently discovered hormones play a significant role in tissue regeneration and repair, as well as maintaining healthy bodily function. Equally important, PainPod’s physical manipulation helps tissues to remodel and repair correctly. So if you’ve had an injury or trauma, you minimise the risk of dysfunctional movement in the future. And when you use PainPod after exercise you deliver the optimal amount of mechanical stress for rapid muscle recovery.