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The world’s best-selling physical therapy device is the pioneering portable PainPod 3 . It delivers the latest advances in physiotherapy, acupuncture and medical science via adhesive pads you can apply anywhere on the skin.

Its even more compact companion, the discreet, ultra-wearable PainPod Mi , is a great solution for localised pain relief and therapy on the go.

Many of PainPod’s loyal customers invest in both devices. So whatever their day holds, they have an appropriate delivery method for pain relief, therapy and performance enhancement.

Then there are PainPod’s conductive therapy accessories for use with PainPod 3. You can choose the belt, gloves, socks or shoes to evenly distribute PainPod’s healing frequencies to your back, hands, legs or feet. Highly effective for improving muscle recovery, boosting circulation and administering pain relief.


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PainPod 3

Here’s why the stunningly engineered PainPod 3 is the world’s most popular physical therapy device

PainPod 3 device

Select your
A/B = Pads
You set the intensity of each pad individually.
M = Modes
You can select and experiment with modes to find what’s right for you. So at any time, on any area of your body, you can administer customised treatment.
T = Timer
So you can specify and change the length of your treatment session.

PainPod3 comes with variety of different sized adhesive pads so you can direct precision- targeted treatment anywhere on your body.

You can raise or lower the micro-current pulse intensity whenever you want.

Clear and simple - you set the time for your treatment session.

You can select from 12 different treatment modes or combination of modes. These range from the pushing technique of a gentle massage, to acupuncture, and from cupping, kneading and tapping therapy, to the soothing unwind mode.

You’re always in control of the intensity of the pulse you send through each pad. For optimum effect, choose a strong yet comfortable level where you feel some muscular vibration and involuntary muscle movements.

PainPod Mi

Here’s why the new, ultra-wearable PainPod Mi is fast becoming the go-to therapy device for life on the go.

PainPod Mi device front PainPod Mi device front and back

The body-friendly, sleek design means you can go anywhere wearing your discreet PainPod Mi.

Ideal for treating your shoulders, lower back, stomach, arms, legs or feet.

When you turn it on, your PainPod Mi starts work immediately and is pre-set for a 10 hour treatment period.
It gently and imperceptibly promotes healing, reducing inflammation and helping repair injured tissues.

BiStim™ Booster
If you need an extra burst of micro-current for immediate pain relief, simply press the booster button. You can use the booster to quickly and precisely block pain messages to the brain for up to 15 minutes at a time, as often as you need to.