Results in Wellness are excited to welcome on board our latest brand ambassador: 39-year-old Rob West, a well established mainstream racing driver and instructor from Devon.

Rob has got his late dad to thank for his passion for racing cars, which has resulted in a vibrant career with many thrilling opportunities most of us can only dream of. His dad first introduced him to karting and at the tender age of 15, Rob was able to go straight into single seat Formula Ford racing. Rob’s career hasn’t been without a bump in the road. He was involved in a serious accident about 10 years ago, resulting in painful back issues and daily doses of painkillers.

Chatting to Rob we quickly realised that his experience using the PainPod has already made a positive impact on his busy life. Let’s find out more about Rob, his lifestyle and how he feels about being a PainPod ambassador.


Rob, tell us what an average day in the life of a racing driver and instructor might look like?

I keep myself fit by regularly going to the gym and I am also a keen cyclist. It’s crucial to keep fit and lean being a professional racing driver and instructor. My main focus at present is being a racing driver instructor, which is such a rewarding job. You literally coach and see peoples’ dreams come true. It’s such great fun.

I follow the same routine every day religiously. After waking up, I head to the track where I meet the team. After this, I warm up where I have started to use the PainPod on my lower back. I found the PainPod has made such a difference to my back problems. The Painpod stimulates the blood flow to my lower back and loosens up all the muscles. After the warm up I throw myself in to the role of a driving coach. I run my own racing team and feel very privileged to be able to pass on my skills and do something I love.

What is your proudest achievement?

Crikey. Wow! – there are so many! One that springs to mind straight away is being a stunt driver for many high profile films. It’s not every day you get to hang out on set with Tom Cruise and Thandie Newton.  Another proud achievement takes me back nearly 20 years to 1999. I was 19 years old and won the Ford Fiesta Zetec winter championship. The prize was test driving the ‘Ford Mondeo Super Touring Car’.  Quite frankly there have been so many highlights for me,  now I come to think to it and it makes me feel very fortunate. My job also gave me the opportunity to travel the world. Saying that, the most I saw of every country I visited were airports and race tracks!

You’re our new PainPod Brand Ambassador! Tell us how you have experienced the PainPod so far?

From the moment the PainPod arrived in the post I was pleasantly surprised. The package was easy to open, and the sleek looking design was effortless to set up. I don’t have much knowledge about the science behind a TENS/EMS device, but due to suffering daily back pain after my accident, I was more than happy to give the drug free device a go. The different settings and intensity levels are very easy to use. I noticed a change straight away during and after using the PainPod. The constant pain in my lower back has alleviated. The PainPod made me feel very relaxed and I have therefore been using it ever since, either to relieve pain or to warm up before a racing session. Best thing about the PainPod is that I am now taking noticeabaly less painkillers.

Rob is currently exploring his options in GT racing for the near future.

If you like to follow Rob his racing career or are interested in a racing driver experience you can find him right here:

Twitter: OfficialRobWest

Instagram: Officialrobwest

LinkedIn: Robert West

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