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These are the questions that we most often get asked about PainPod. Have a browse. If by any chance you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, please give our Results in Wellness Team a call on 01732 466 973 any time between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.


What’s the difference between the PainPod 3 and the PainPod Mi?

The PainPod 3 gives you a choice of 12 different treatment modes. Every mode will give you fast acting pain relief. The modes range from the pushing technique of a gentle massage, to acupuncture – and from cupping, kneading and tapping therapy – to a soothing unwind mode. You can choose combinations of modes and you can vary the intensity of the bio-pulses that you deliver via individual adhesive pads. So you can tailor your pain relief to meet your precise needs at any given time. It’s what makes the PainPod 3 the world’s most advanced and best-selling portable physical therapy device.

The PainPod Mi is a smaller, ultra-wearable device that’s ideal for treating a localised area. Instead of choosing a specific treatment mode and time period, the PainPod Mi is pre-set for a 10-hour treatment period. Unlike PainPod 3 you won’t feel it working as it gently and imperceptibly promotes healing, reduces inflammation and helps repair injured tissues. But if you need immediate pain relief you simply press the BiStim™ Booster button and the PainPod Mi will deliver an extra burst of micro-current to block pain messages to the brain for up to 15 minutes at a time. You can use the BiStim™ Booster as often as you need to.

So PainPod 3 and PainPod Mi have different roles. Many customers invest in both devices. It means that whatever their day holds, they have the means to deliver pain relief, therapy and performance enhancement right there and then.

Do your devices come with instructions?

Absolutely! Both PainPod 3 and PainPod Mi come with

User Guides

  • Complete with easy to use, step by step descriptions.
  • Diagrams and simple pictorial guides to the devices themselves so you know what does what, and how to use them.
  • Advice on safety, cleaning and maintenance, charging your device and troubleshooting.

Pad Placement Guides

  • With numbered bullet points corresponding to detailed diagrams of parts of the body you may wish to treat.

Is PainPod a TENS machine?

Strictly speaking, yes, but there’s more to it than that. You may have heard people talk about ‘TENS machines’ as if they were all the same. But that’s a bit like saying all capsules or pills are the same regardless of what they contain! The letters TENS stand for Transcutaneous (through the skin) Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It’s a broad term describing any device that uses electric current to stimulate the nerves. So the answer is yes, PainPod uses TENS as a method of delivery, however the bio electric formulations of the waveforms and pulses that PainPod delivers are exclusive to our devices.


When shouldn’t I use PainPod?

You shouldn’t use PainPod if you;

  • have a pacemaker or any kind of electronic implanted device
  • have a cochlear implant hearing device
  • have a severe heart disorder
  • suffer from epilepsy
  • have varicose veins
  • have deep vein thrombosis.

Should I consult a doctor before using PainPod?

As long as you use PainPod as directed in the manual and pad placement chart (and you don’t have any of the conditions listed in the previous question) there’s no need to see a health professional unless;

  • you’re pregnant,
  • you’re prone to seizures
  • you have cancer or are recovering from cancer.

Of course, if you have any concerns at all it’s always a good idea to ask your doctor first.


How does PainPod relieve pain?

Both PainPod 3 and PainPod Mi disrupt the neural transmission of signals from the pain receptors under your skin. And the nerve stimulation blocks your pain signals at source. This means pain messages never reach your brain and you experience immediate relief. Equally important, PainPod then stimulates the release of natural endorphins – your body’s feel-good chemicals. So you feel good while you’re treating the pain that made you feel low.

What kind of pain can I use PainPod for?

People are using PainPod successfully to relieve pain throughout the body, from the face, head and neck, right down to the ankle. Millions worldwide currently use PainPod as their treatment of choice for a range of conditions from migraine to toothache, and frozen shoulder to sciatica.

You can use PainPod for:

Musculoskeletal pain relief

Joint, muscle and hip pain.

Chronic pain relief

Arthritis, chronic nerve, neck, back and shoulder pain.

Acute pain relief

Short term low back, neck, shoulder, nerve and muscle pain.

Labour pain

Treatment of the lower back and stomach areas supplies significant pain relief.

Fast pain relief after injury

Sprains, strains, cramps, broken bones and fractures.

Why are people choosing PainPod over anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen?

A lot of people don’t like taking drugs and most people don’t like taking lots of drugs. However, in the past those in chronic pain may have felt that they had little alternative; it was either suffer in silence or take high doses of Ibuprofen. Many of those anxious about this situation had their worst fears confirmed in 2016 when the British Medical Journal published evidence of a direct link between taking high doses of common anti-inflammatory painkillers – such as ibuprofen – and heart attacks*. So PainPod’s devices, which give you effective pain relief and put you in control of your pain management without resorting to drugs are gaining huge popularity. PainPod’s drug-free biotechnology mimics your body’s natural micro-current. You simply choose the treatment mode that’s best for your pain, and stop it in its tracks, at the source, with zero side effects.


*BMJ 2016; 354 doi: (Published 28 September 2016)

“Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and risk of heart failure in four European countries: nested case-control study.”


How can I use PainPod to recover from injury, surgery or giving birth?

If you’ve had surgery, experienced an injury or have recently had a baby, PainPod can help you heal. You simply place the BioPads around the affected area, and as the gentle bio-pulses pass through your tissues

  • your blood flow increases
  • the inflammation reduces
  • vital nutrients reach the area more easily, speeding up the healing process.

I’ve recently had surgery and been advised to use PainPod to prevent muscle wasting. How does it work?

During recovery from any trauma, including injury and surgery, you can be at risk of muscle atrophy (muscle wasting). It can happen because you’re not using the affected muscles for an extended period. PainPod’s strength and conditioning features allow you to gently keep those muscles stimulated, so you can get back to full fitness and mobility, fast.

How can I use PainPod to recover from training, playing sport and general fitness activities?

As you train, play or engage in physical activity your muscles become weaker and break down. (The strength and conditioning benefits come later, during recovery.) But if your body doesn’t have the time or resources to recover afterwards, you can suffer muscle fatigue that can seriously limit your physical capabilities. By using PainPod to strengthen and condition your muscles, you optimise fitness, strength and full repair, so you’re ready to perform at your best.


I’ve heard that I can boost muscle growth by wearing PainPod during training sessions. Is that true?

Yes, you can use PainPod to help accelerate muscle growth by sending your choice of electrical biopulse treatment formulations directly to specific muscle groups. These powerful pulses penetrate deep into your muscles, and activate more muscle fibres than exercise alone. So as you train or play, you can use PainPod to trigger muscle contractions up to 40% stronger than the involuntary contractions you’d normally experience during exercise.

Can PainPod help with my warm up routine?

Yes, just apply PainPod’s BioPads to the muscle groups you want to target during your warm up. The biopulses will improve your range of motion and reduce your injury risk. They will also minimise fatigue and delayed onset soreness by flushing away any accumulated waste products from your last exercise session.

How does PainPod aid resistance training?

PainPod can help you get the most from each and every rep during resistance training. PainPod’s biopulses work by recruiting more muscle fibres and generating more torque than regular resistance training, creating the deep muscle contractions you’re looking for. At the same time PainPod’s micro-currents relieve the distraction of pain, stiffness and soreness. So you’re freed up to concentrate on form and technique, improving your results and reducing the likelihood of injury. Equally important, you’ll recover faster between reps, exercises or training drills, because the increased blood flow reduces lactic acid build up. All of which means you can train longer and harder while avoiding muscle fatigue and injury.

How can PainPod help me recover after training or a workout?

Put PainPod’s BioPads to work as you relax after exercise and they will:

  • Maximise blood flow to the areas you target, helping deliver vital nutrients to kick-start your recovery process.
  • Fast-flush accumulated waste products, reducing tiredness and preventing soreness.
  • Relieve any pain, strain or injuries related to your recent activity, helping your body’s natural recovery processes.
  • Generate muscle contraction to promote the production and release of Myokines, the powerful hormones that trigger tissue regeneration and repair.
  • You can also apply BioPads directly to knots and trigger points to enjoy a deep post-workout massage after every session, relieving muscle tension and stress.


What’s included when I order a PainPod 3?

As well as the beautifully packaged device itself, your PainPod 3 will come with

  • 2 pairs of electrode wires – so you can target 2 areas at once with different settings
  • 1 pair of small pads – ideal for treating small muscle groups or areas of pain
  • 1 pair of medium pads – ideal for treating all muscle groups or areas of pain
  • 1 pair of large pads – ideal for treating large muscle groups or areas of pain
  • 1 PainPod pad holder – to protect your pads in between treatments
  • A USB charger cable and AC adaptor
  • A comprehensive user guide, which shows you exactly how to use your PainPod 3 and introduces you to all 12 treatment modes.
  • A detailed placement chart – guiding you through the most appropriate placement and settings for specific conditions
  • A list of frequently asked questions
  • 3 year warranty registration information – so you can buy with confidence.

What’s included when I order a PainPod Mi?

As well as the beautifully packaged device itself, your PainPod Mi will come with

  • 1 pair of PainPod premium pads
  • A USB charging cord
  • A user manual with simple step by step diagrams
  • A detailed placement chart – guiding you through the most appropriate placement options
  • A list of frequently asked questions
  • 12 month warranty registration information – so you can buy with confidence.


What do the PainPod 3 accessories do?

Our accessories help you to get the most from your PainPod 3 on areas like hands and feet, limbs and large muscle groups. The Bio Gloves, Bio Socks and Bio Shoes help boost circulation, relieve pain including arthritic pain, and deliver a gentle massage throughout the area covered. The Bio Belt is a highly effective way to treat large muscle groups and expansive areas of pain. You can equally well apply it to the stomach to ease cramps and period pain, while the strap enables you to fit the belt to your upper arm or your leg to administer a band of effective relief or conditioning therapy.