About Us

Ahead of the curve

Results in Wellness was launched in response to increasing consumer engagement in far-sighted, preventative and pro-active self-care.

Today we are the go-to name for premium, innovative, ethically sourced wellness products and treatments.

Impressive results outside current NHS prescribing criteria

The kinds of products that we source, promote and distribute, currently sit outside NHS prescribing guidelines. Yet vitally, all our products have the proven international track records that could qualify them to enter the NHS lexicon in years to come.

Wellness matters

In homes and workplaces, health centres and sports venues, wellbeing has become a talking point.

Today it seems everyone is talking about wellbeing and wellness – from what it really means, to how to achieve it. The dictionary defines wellness as, ‘the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort’. At Results in Wellness our boutique offering sits firmly in the ‘result of deliberate effort’ space. The customers for our high-quality products are people, institutions and employers who are highly motivated to look after themselves, their clients, members and workforces.

Our customers

  • wish to experience and promote pain-free, engaged and fulfilling lives
  • take a balanced, investigative and informed approach to wellbeing and healthcare
  • include committed early-adopters of wellness strategies.

The pharma-giants

  1. Big name drug companies have dominated the UK and European pharmaceutical market for many years.
  2. These major players face numerous challenges, including huge running costs and growing financial performance pressures.
  3. Their sheer size often makes them unwieldy and slow to respond to emerging trends.
  1. Equally challenging for them, the stickiest millennial trend has been for more ‘natural’, less invasive, alternative medicines and treatments.
  2. Negative perceptions abound, with large pharmaceutical companies increasingly
    • seen as purely profit-driven
    • criticised for promoting ‘sledgehammer to crack a nut’ high-strength medicines while playing down side effects and dependency risks.
  3. Results in Wellness with its ethical commitment, first-class compliance team and low running costs has the agility to identify global treatment success stories and bring them to you asap.

Consumer protection

Efficacy is a pre-requisite in our product sourcing process.

It may surprise you to discover that, ‘How well does it work?’ is the second issue we explore when product sourcing. That’s because our first concern is always, ‘Will we be fully compliant when selling this product in the UK?’

As you probably know, Britain operates some of the world’s most stringent regulations regarding health products and the claims associated with them. It’s an invaluable consumer protection and one of the reasons why, in terms of investment, our compliance team is our primary priority. Because at Results in Wellness we put your wellbeing, and – for corporate clients – the success of your company’s wellbeing proposition, first. Our reputation depends on it.